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Your Book In Print

YOUR BOOK IN PRINT - Ideas into reality

We can offer a variety of support and services tailored to meet your requirements for book production and are considerably experienced publishers.
Contact us to Discuss - Telephone 01202 882277 e mail info@printsolutions.co.uk
FREE Consultation available, to discuss options and review your project ideas - with the view to advising how best to proceed.

Books - In all forms, Perfect Bound, Wire and Hard Back.

On many subjects - Fiction and Non Fiction including Children's books, Illustrated, Technical, Novels, Histories and Autobiographies.

A small Selection of the titles we have published or produced for customers

"Lost" - Charlotte Gray
"As It Was" - Lynda Chantler
"The Chained Library" - W A Tandy
"Private Pain" - Robin Clarke
"Melodies for Magpies" - Robin Clarke
"Bridging The Centuries" - David Owen
"Laughter with H2 Oh Oh Oh" - N. Maskell
"999 A State of Emergency" - Di Hoskins
"A Century of Military Aircraft" - J. Batchelor
"Studland - A Profile Of A Dorset Village" - R G Vine
"Anne And A Van" - Elizabeth Anne Coleman
"Pigeon Of Fate" - Julia Richmond
"Studies In Revelation (Volume 1)" - Daniel Cox
"Diana`s Mirror" - John Calabrini
"Why Brownsea?" - Brian Woolgar & Sheila La Riviere
"Nelson" - Nigel Fordham
"Learning Disabilities" - Charles Henley
"The Key To The Door" - Tony Betts `
"Look, Duck, & Vanish & Merchant Navy Days" - A C Youngs
"The Sky Blue Parcel" - John Nightingale.
"The Secrets of The Gods" - Martin Joyce
"Cameos of War" - Brian Guy
"The Story of Godshill" - Jean Westlake
" The Encyclopedia of Flight in 3 Volumes" - Malcom Lowe
"The Encyclopedia of Ships" in 3 Volumes - Chris Chant
"The Smiling Piranha" - John Seaton