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For a World Market

Rebosmall Photo shows John Batcheor left with Henk Wagner middle, Chairman of Rebo Inetrnational and Chris Slocock in front of Rebo's display of the Encyclopaedia of Flight and Ship books at the Frankfurt book fair, in October 2004.

Publishing Solutions (www) Ltd formed in Association with the Minster Press was created by a collaboration between Chris Slocock and the worlds leading Technical, military and civil Illustrator John Batchelor MBE

Initially the company sold second rights to John's illustrations all over the World to such organisations as Popular Mechanics in America (with a monthly circulation of over 11 million copies) - in addition to national newspapers such as the Mail and Express, in the UK and to book publishers and magazines all over the world. Publishing Solutions holds a collection of over 3000 illustrations on a wide range of subjects, suitable for an extensive range of publications.

Chris and John started to explore specific book ideas around John's illustrations and at a visit to the London Book Fair reactions were very positive particularly from Rebo International. This was then followed by development of the idea and a further meeting at the Frankfurt book fair were contracts were signed for three volumes of the Encyclopaedia of flight, for worldwide distribution.

Working with John and UK author Malcolm Lowe the Encyclopaedias of Flight were designed and compiled in Wimborne by the Minster Press and supplied to Rebo in digital format all ready for printing in the Czeck Republic, Volume 1 is completed, Volume 2 and 3 followed plus a range of further titles on sailing ship, steam ships and submarines. This partnership with Rebo International resulted in books going worldwide in multiple languages.

"While I am the artist, Chris is the negotiator with a special ability to aim a kick under the table. This business skill has resulted in successes way beyond my expectations". said John Batchelor

All of these books are beautifully illustrated in full colour with John Bachelors illustrations, which include unique full skin, and cutaway illustrations including stamps designed by him. Leading English authors produce interesting and detailed text to complement. "Publishers are very excited, we are leading the world in the creation of these books" said Chris. "Major expansion plans are being considered for the future on a variety of subjects" he added.

If you would like more information or would like to discuss a book project and John Bachelor's illustrations contact Chris E: chrisslocock@printsolutions.co.uk

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