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Walking 900


My name is Christopher John Slocock, I was born and raised in Wimborne Minster. As a local man I am passionate about our Minster and our community in Wimborne.

Inspired by others who have captured the public imagination I have set a goal of walking 900 times around our wonderful Minster in celebration of its 900th anniversary.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has affected everyone – The Minster is a victim just like everyone else, a place of Worship, a Community Centre and a Tourist Attraction - locked down and desperately in need of financial support.

In support of the Minster Makes Music appeal, to rebuild our wonderful organ, please give generously as I walk 900 times around the Minster, (estimated as more than 4 marathons in distance), I would like to raise at least £900.

Think of the many ways to be proud of the building. Remember those who gave their time and effort to build it, those who maintain it, the choir, choir master and organist, the bell ringers the wardens, clergy, the administration and friends of the Minster.

Think of what the building means to the Town of Wimborne Minster and everyone involved in the wider community.

Let's be proud and celebrate our wonderful Minster and what it means to all of us! Come, walk, talk and celebrate with me, for a few laps - starting 27th of September.

Crowd funding site: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/900timesaroundtheminster

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